Membership in Keiretsu Forum CEE

What are the Keiretsu membership benefits?

  • Members receive regular information on carefully selected investment opportunities in the CEE region and worldwide – Keiretsu operates in 23 countries on three continents and its network includes over 3,000 experienced investors.

  • All investment meetings and other events organised by Keiretsu in the Czech Republic and abroad are free to attend for members.

  • An individual investment strategy is set up and updated with every member according to their personal preferences, experience and the risks they are willing to accept.

  • Keiretsu manages the due diligence process and, if necessary, pools smaller investors.

  • Every member has the opportunity to become part of international expert committees made up of other members and focused on specific areas (cyber security, real estate, healthcare, etc.).

  • Members have free access to Angel Academy, a unique education programme where the best Czech and foreign investors share their experience.

    • Angel Academy focuses on topics such as portfolio building, legal matters, identification of new opportunities, work with start-ups, etc.

    • We always show real stories.

    • The platform is interactive, providing ample opportunity to ask questions and make new contacts.

  • Keiretsu has a sophisticated and structured investment process that saves the time of the investor, other investing members and projects, and that is completely transparent to ensure deals are done quickly.

  • Investment opportunities for members are presented directly by founders at regular meetings.

  • If a project receives funding, Keiretsu manages project-related reporting, helps start-ups grow globally, becomes a potential co-investor in subsequent investment rounds and provides exit support to investors.


«Keiretsu provides everything I'm looking for in one place - great deal flow, great investor community, great events and great team. Investment world done professionally. »

~ Peter Skrla, angel investor


Who are Keiretsu Forum members?

  • Keiretsu members are investors interested in innovative companies.

  • Keiretsu events bring together like-minded people who have invaluable experience and contacts in the field of management, investing and work with start-ups. Investors share their views and know-how and, naturally, syndicate (co-invest) in projects.

  • Members are not required to have previous experience with angel investing. Membership is intended for both professional investors (venture capital funds, experienced angel investors, family offices, etc.) and the general public. Each member is treated individually and their investment strategy is regularly updated to meet their needs.

  • Keiretsu never publicises the identity of its members without their prior consent.


«What does Keiretsu mean for me? It is not just a source of interesting investment projects, but also about the support I feel from the team - not only with my investment into SOCIFI but also with my other business activities. »

~ Olga Hyklová, angel investor


How do we select investment opportunities and how are investments made?

  • Investment opportunities are identified through our extensive partner network and foreign Keiretsu chapters. We cooperate with leading Czech co-working centres, accelerators, incubators, universities, corporations and institutions as well as selected partners from Central and South-Eastern Europe.

  • Before an investment opportunity is presented to members, each project is carefully screened by our experts and partners specialising in individual sectors and key business indicators. Each member can participate in the project selection process as early as from the project evaluation phase.

  • Members also have access to information on projects that are not short-listed now but still offer interesting investment opportunities due to the quality and feasibility of the idea, their team, scalability and other relevant indicators.

  • The investment opportunities come from a wide spectrum of industries, ranging from technology start-ups, manufacturing to sustainable energy. This allows each investor to invest in line with their preferences.

  • If a project raises investor interest, a term sheet – a document defining the investment parameters – is signed with the project. Investments usually have a lead investor who negotiates the exact terms and conditions. If no lead investor is selected, Keiretsu Forum assumes this role.

  • If a project receives funding, the project pays a fee to Keiretsu, the amount of which depends on the investment. The amount and method of remuneration may differ on a case-by-case basis and are always communicated to investors in advance.


«Do not believe in luck, improve your personal VC portfolio by joining Keiretsu.»

~ Míla Felčárek, JaGK Capital Partners


What are the conditions for membership?

  • The annual membership fee is CZK 27,000.

  • The minimum investment amount is EUR 10,000 per investment.

  • Angel investing may generate high returns but also carries a high degree of risk. Keiretsu members are aware of this and adapt their investment strategy and investment amounts accordingly.

  • Keiretsu recommends investing in multiple companies to reduce the investment risk.

  • Keiretsu does not recommend investing more than 10 percent of personal funds.

  • Investing in companies takes various forms including equity investments and convertible debts.

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